Jeremy Freedman - Apophenia, reading di poesie

08 Settembre 2018 18:30

Eventi 2018   STUDIO GIUDECCA 860

Calle San Giacomo, 860, 30133 Venezia, Italia

L'autore leggerà delle poesie dal suo libro "Apophenia.” nel contesto della mostra dei suoi dipinti.

School of Fish

I am not a alone. Instead of people,
I saw a listing school of fish
fisting from side to side,
and their desires;
they were on drugs.
I ate tree bark and beetles and bugs
and the sea knew me.
I was almost convinced
I was almost a merman, but I knew
it wasn’t true because I couldn’t tell
my left-hand flipper what to do.
I paid strangers to watch me
eat myself; I’m the last doughnut
in a box of doughnuts.
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