William Safwat - Migration

07 Settembre 2018 15:30 - 09 Settembre 2018 19:30

Esposizioni 2018   CIRCOLO R.NARDI

Calle Spini, 432 - Giudecca 30133 Venezia, Italia

Behind the results and manifestations, what is deeper, it's the shapes, and the real art is deeper than the expression of appearance, since it includes a sincere message, and my message is a revolution against wars and a campaign for enlightenment, where he highlighted the issue resulting from wars and poverty is the issue of migration . My work deals with immigration issues and the cases of migrants. It is a scream for the awakening of the humanity of the peoples and an invitation to consider the issue of immigrants and refugees with eyes of humanity.

William Safwat è un artista egiziano, in mostra al circolo R. Nardi.
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